Home is where you choose to stay

These holiday houses for rent in Santa Maria – Azores are charming and have wonderful locations in rural settings around different spots on Santa Maria Island.

Besides being well received, guests have the guarantee that the chosen holiday home is well prepared to provide comfort, tranquility, and security. Last, but not least, all houses are legal and environmental friendly.

Where to Stay in Santa Maria – Azores

Santa Maria Rentals – Vacation houses around the island

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Casa do Norte: 37.005650, -25.065922
Casa do Oleiro: 37.003744, -25.067121
Casa de Almagreira: 36.969003, -25.100553
Casa do Almagre: 36.942870, -25.041768
Casa da Roça de Cima: 37.008206, -25.085120
Casa do Norte: 37.005650, -25.065922